Architects and chartered surveyors for all your health and education needs


From specialised education centres to hospitals, Day Cummins are experts at architectural design. Our specialised team has the skill and knowledge when it comes to the specific design needs of our clients, either when building new, extending old or carry out refurbishments.

We understand that health and education are essential areas and have a proven track record in these fields. W work hard to meet your individual architectural and surveying requirements.

Professional and knowledgeable surveyors 


Here at Day Cummins, we have experience across a range of projects. We work with both private and commercial clients and always produce well-designed and cost-effective proposals in response to your specific brief.

From old and new residential properties to commercial and public buildings, our dedicated and skilled team will enhance your initial expectations. We are a team of experienced, professional and qualified Chartered Architects & Chartered Surveyors based in Cockermouth & Kendal.